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Contact-Free, Continuous Predictive Patient Monitoring

Tracking patient history leads to better patient care and more effective use of resources.


What is Predictive
Patient Monitoring?

Prediction is Prevention®

Many of the current patient fall technologies on the market today notify your staff AFTER a patient has exited the bed. Cognito Health continuously monitors patients using predictive algorithms to inform your staff about potential bed exits and repositioning needs BEFORE a problem occurs.

How It Works

An Enterprise Solution for Falls and Repositioning


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Cognito Dashboard

The Cognito dashboard provides full oversight and a birds-eye view of what is happening in all monitored beds and provides individual patient metrics that can help drive patient care

Real-Time Notifications

Clinical staff receives real-time notifications before a patient exits the bed or when patient repositioning is required

Audible In-Patient Room Alert

When a patient is attempting to exit the bed, an optional bedside audible alert
is designed to encourage the patient to wait for assistance

Contact-Free, Continuous Patient Monitoring

Contact-free, continuous patient monitoring solutions have been proven to improve patient safety by providing clinicians with real-time data that can enhance clinical decision making. Cognito Health's proprietary analytics are performed on patients’ measured data and notifications are immediately sent to caregivers to reduce the risk of patient falls and pressure injuries.

how it works

Simple and Efficient User Interface

With little training, clinicians can monitor patients to improve and support your patient safety initiatives —regardless of technical or clinical expertise.

Cognito's intuitive interface can help your team achieve and sustain improvements in your patient safety program.

Key Performance Data Allows You to Focus on What’s Important

Cognito's simple dashboards focus on what is important— reducing falls and helping to prevent pressure injuries.


  • Customize data by specific time period

  • Monitor adherence to facility protocols

  • Track achievements and cost savings

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