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Prediction is Prevention®

Cognito Health® is a predictive, contact-free and continuous monitoring system that can help you to reduce your patient falls and pressure injuries.

We Understand Preventing Adverse Events is Challenging. We Can Help.

An older adult falls every second of every day — costing US healthcare facilities over $49.5 B. By using predictive patient monitoring you can prevent over 43% of falls with injuries.



Reduction of
Patient Falls


Improved Nursing Efficiency²


Reduction in Pressure Injuries³


Reduction of Unassisted
Bed Exits

Converting Data Insights into Actionable Patient Care

Patient Falls

Patient falls are a frustrating and costly challenge. Cognito Health can help you reduce patient falls by up to 43% — keeping your patients safer and helping to make you a leader in patient safety.

Pressure Injuries

Pressure injuries are one of the five most common harms experienced by patients. With Cognito Heath's continuous patient monitoring you can reduce the incidence of pressure injuries and associated costs.

Scalable and Affordable Solutions for All Care Settings

The Cognito Health platform can be used in a single unit or throughout your facility— contributing to the success
of your patient safety efforts.


​Patient safety can be complex...

your solution doesn't need to be.

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A Clinician's Perspective

"The Cognito system allows us to learn more about our patients' behavior which in turn allows us to provide better are for them.”

Karen MacKenzie

Nurse Manager


Call Today to Learn How You Can Improve Your Organization's Patient Safety Initiatives

When patients are harmed while in your care it can result in increased costs, frustrated and overwhelmed
staff and damage to reputation.

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