An Enterprise-Wide Patient Safety Solution

With our customizable, innovative approach to patient safety, we can enable your organization to have the knowledge you need to reduce risk and increase value at lower cost.

How Cognito Health Benefits Your Organization

Quality of Care

Addresses three key areas of patient safety

Patient falls, pressure injuries and alarm fatigue

Workflow improvement, efficiency gains

Alerts and allows your staff to provide care only when needed.

Nurse station dashboard

Provides a birds-eye view of the status of up to 100 patients with active needs highlighted

Adverse Events

24/7 contact-free, predictive patient monitoring

Allows you to be notified before an adverse event occurs and react sooner

Customizable settings

Address individual patient needs and mobility to respond to risks before problems occur

Real time mobile alerts

Provide caregivers the ability to respond sooner to potential problems

Improves the
Bottom Line

Key performance indicator (KPI) dashboard

Provides report summaries to identify patient care trends and cost savings

Population health management

Allows you to match resources to need to improve care for vulnerable patient populations

Scalable enterprise solution

Adapts to your organization’s changing needs

Analytics that empower

Driving clinical excellence across your unit, facility and organization

KPI Dashboard analytics can provide a variety of objective information, such as:

Patient Falls Monitoring

  • Track falls avoided and identify cost savings based on facility cost inputs
  • Review average response times for efficiency improvements
  • Predict potential bed exits earlier, resulting in more efficient intervention

Repositioning Alerts

  • Pressure over time is tracked minute by minute to identify adherence to facility repositioning protocols
  • Tracks repositionings avoided to identify efficiency gains and associated cost savings
  • Facility specific inputs allow you to track cost of care and identify areas of improvement

Powerful Analytics

  • Identify protocol adherence and system utilization
  • Access time-stamped details of past events and alerts avoided
  • Aggregate data by care unit or across care units for a customized time period

Achieve Results in
Three Easy Steps

Simple and Sustainable Improvements to Patient Safety and Cost Reduction Initiatives

With little training your team can oversee all monitored patients per unit simultaneously, track performance metrics and implement individualized patient care plans

Get Started

  • Schedule a Demo

  • Identify Your Needs

  • Select Package


  • Set-up Your System

  • Train Staff

  • Roll-out

Achieve Results

  • Reduce Adverse Events

  • Improve Efficiency

  • Document Savings


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