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Empower Your Team

With Cognito Health, your team can use real-time data to make evidence-based patient care decisions

Always Connected and Informed

Cognito Health's contact-free, continuous predictive patient monitoring helps
your team to improve patient safety, reduce risk and save time by
allowing them to provide care only when needed


Early Prediction Results in Reduced Patient Falls

  • Proprietary algorithms and sensor technology predict bed exit and notify staff in advance of patient exiting the bed

  • Better patient care by creating care plans based on individual patient needs 

  • Mobile alerts allow your team to be alerted of patient needs regardless of where they are within the unit


Individualized Care Eliminates Unnecessary Repositioning

  • Individualized patient repositioning alerts prevent pressure injuries 

  • Monitors patient movement and resets alert if patient has significantly repositioned on their own— avoiding unnecessary and risky repositioning

  • Minute-by-minute review ensures compliance to
    repositioning protocols

Nurse Reponse to Control Box while Leavi

Use Customized Alerts to Combat Alarm Fatigue

  • Research shows that >90% of hospital alarms can be false or clinically insignificant

  • Caregivers have become
    de-sensitized— leading to dangerous delayed responses to the alarms that require intervention*

  • By customizing individual patient settings based on their movement history, the Cognito Health system can help mitigate alarm fatigue 

Cognito Dashboard

The interactive Cognito Dashboard provides caregivers in the clinical setting information relevant for individual patient care

  • Monitors unlimited patients in unit simultaneously- providing a birds-eye view to patient activity

  • Notifications tab allows you to focus on immediate patient needs

  • Configure alerts based on individual patient history to enable alerting of multiple caregivers


How does the Cognito System Compare to Traditional Bed Exit Alarms?


Traditional Alarms

Cognito Health

Provides actionable alerts by notifying your staff BEFORE the patient exits the bed and reduces unassisted bed exits

Sends notifications directly to caregiver via multiple channels: nurse call, mobile and desktop applications

Eliminates unnecessary work by detecting when patient has been repositioned (by caregiver or by the patient)

Provides data analysis reports to help with quality improvement efforts and patient safety programs

Provides key performance indicators to help identify how your staff performs and meets facility care protocols

Monitors unlimited patients simultaneously in a single unit

Tracks nurse response times to provide insight on quality of care and efficient staff allocation

Provides insight to patient movement and tracks the time it takes from patient stirring to bed exit- allowing nurses to respond earlier

What Nurses Say About Cognito Health


found the Cognito system helped improve
nursing efficiency*


of nurses interviewed found the Cognito system was an effective patient care tool*


of nurses said the bedside audible alert deterred patients from making an unassisted bed-exit*

*Based on data from multiple unpublished studies conducted at Koo Foundation Sun Yat-Sen Cancer Center, Taipei, Taiwan; Taiwan Study I: July 2013 – June 2015  and Taiwan Study II: March 2016 – June 2017


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